Goldfish Diseases

Lymphocystis Disease in Goldfish


Symptoms of Lymphocystis in Goldfish

The most common symptom is the appearance of off-white lumps on the fins and skin, though on occasion these can take on the colour of the underlying skin. Infected fish may become lethargic. Mouth lesions may cause the fish to have difficulty in feeding.

Causes of Lymphocystis

Lymphocystis is a viral infection. Many fish carry the disease without displaying symptoms, though stress due to a new environment or poor quality water can lead to weakening of the fishes immune system causing symptoms being triggered.


Contarary to the claims of some fish medications there is currently no known treatment for the viral disease Lymphocystis. The good news is that the disease is rarely fatal and usually runs its course in around 4 weeks. It is considered good practice to isolate any infected fish.